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How Grateful Are You For the Gift of Your Faith?

Faith is a gift. Why it’s not received and lived by all people is a deep mystery. “There but for the grace of God go I” is a phrase we’ve all likely heard many times during our lives. When we really, really think about what we’ve been given, and that it’s possible that countless other people don’t have faith, it’s mind boggling. Living out our faith in total dependance on God is the path to heaven. That’s how serious this matter is. On Tuesday, join Jerry and Debbie and share how very grateful you are for the gift of your faith.

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Has the Current Health Pandemic Affected Your Job?

It seems the information about the COVID-19 virus changes hour by hour. It’s impacting the globe like few situations throughout history have. While we pray and beseech the Lord to guide those who are leading the charge to develop effective vaccines and treatments, everyday life has to go on. And, sadly, for many that means their employment situation has been impacted – if not wiped out – by the reactions to the pandemic. Have you lost your job recently in its aftermath? Perhaps your employment has been scaled back? If you fall into any such categories, call Jerry and Debbie on Monday and let’s talk about it. If nothing else, it can spark worldwide prayer for your present circumstances. Talk to you on Monday!

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Novena for Protection Against Coronavirus

Link to NCR about novena-


Novena to Our Lady of Monte Berico

O Most Holy Virgin, Mother of God and my Mother Mary, I thank you that you have deigned to appear on Monte Berico and I thank you for all the graces you grant here to those who turn to you. Nobody ever prayed to you in vain. I, too, resort to you and beg you for the Passion and Death of Jesus and for your pains: welcome me, o’ merciful Mother, under your mantle, which is a maternal mantle; grant me the particular grace that I ask of You [your petition here] and protect me from all evil and especially from sin which is the greatest evil.

Oh make, oh Mary, my Mother, that I always enjoy your loving protection in life and even more in death and then come to see you in heaven and to thank and bless you forever. Amen.

Madonna of Monte Berico, pray for us.

O sweet Virgin, pious mother of love,
Like this Ave rising from the heart.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria
Ave, ave, ave, Maria

O Virgin, shine as a star in the sky,
Motherly defend your faithful children.
Ave, ave, ave Maria
Ave, ave, ave, Maria

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Change of Plans – Unscripted

There has been a change in plans for the rest of the week. The coronavirus and the impact it’s having on every aspect of our lives led us to decide to give you the opportunity to call and share anything you’d like for the rest of the week. It’s known as our Unscripted shows, which we usually feature once a month. But we know there’s a lot on your minds and in your hearts that you’d like to discuss. Therefore, bring whatever take you want on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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Surprised By Faith

As we go through life, we experience many surprises. One of the more pleasant surprises is somehow discovering that a family member, neighbor, co-worker, gym buddy – anyone you’ve had a relationship with – is a devout Christian, and you hadn’t known that before. It could be someone you’ve known since high school, but never talked about the faith with before. Maybe it’s someone who has converted to Christ, and you weren’t aware of that. This type of discovery can unlock beautiful new – or deeper – relationships with these individuals. On Tuesday, call and share if this is something you have experienced.


Letting Go of Grudges

In life, we hurt others. They hurt us. Sometimes the damage we do to one another lasts a long time in the form of grudges. Forgiveness and moving on with our lives is so vitally important. I can take time, but a grudge can be unloaded. Have you managed to do this in your life? Maybe multiple times? To close out the week of live shows, Jerry and Debbie invite you to join us for a candid conversation about this important topic.