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Married 10 Years or Less? Call us!

T2marriage-now June 24

On Wednesday, we will hear from couples that have been married for 10 years or less.  We may even hear from newlyweds!  We want to know what a sacramental marriage looks and feels like in today’s world.  Do you feel the support of the community?  Do you mostly hang out with other married couples, or do you still hold on to all your single friends?  Maybe you have a mix of married and single friends.  Are you preparing to start a family or do you have little ones already blessing your life?  Are you a two-income family or does one spouse stay at home?  Do you love being married or do you find it hard at times?  Share your love story by calling, 1-833-288-3986.

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Married 25 Years or More? Call Us!

T2marriage-then June 23

Join us on Tuesday for the 1st part of this topic on, Marriage, Then and Now.  We are asking all couples married 25 years and longer to call in and share with us the keys to marital success.  We also want to know how your relationship has not only survived the test of time, but how it thrives amidst the destructive forces of the current culture.  We want to talk about the sacramental grace in marriage and how that has helped you sustain a lasting commitment.  Basically, we want to hear anything and everything you can share that will help us with our own marriages.  Your wisdom and experience on this topic, just may help to save other marriages.  1-833-288-3986.

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Pushed To The Limit

T2-breaking-point June 22 (1)

My cross is too heavy to bear!  Have you ever felt that way in life?  Too many things happening all at once and not enough strength to endure it all.  Being pushed to the limit, mentally, emotionally and/or physically is what a lot of people are encountering right at this very moment.  Yet, they carry on with life as best as they can.  Being at the breaking point is not a healthy place to be.  Let’s talk about things we can do spiritually to assist and sustain us through the stressful storms of life.  Your words of wisdom on this subject will help others get through the tough times.  1-833-288-3986

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A Guardian Angel Just For You

We are finishing anniversary week with your most requested topic, guardian angels.  We will be weaving in some catechesis on angels along with your stories of guardian angel experiences.  Hopefully, by the end of the show, you will have a new found appreciation for your guardian angel.  There is only one YOU, and there is a unique angel that was exactly matched just for YOU, by God Himself…Please listen to the entire show if you want to begin or even deepen your relationship with your personal angel.  If you have a story to share about your guardian angel, please call in at 1-833-288-3986

T2 at 5yr-Angel June 19

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What Beneficial Life Change Have You Made?

Sometimes, we can get stuck in a bit of a rut in life. Routines. The familiar. The same old same old. Sure, we can maintain this way of life for a long time. Or, we can examine all of this on occasion and make some changes that can really revolutionize our lives. Has there been a change you’ve made that has been not only beneficial, but has really made your life a lot better? Let’s talk about this on our next fifth anniversary week show on Thursday.

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Do You Struggle With Guilt?

On Wednesday, we will continue our fifth anniversary week of shows with another topic that you said was of particular interest during our recent survey. These are topics we’ve covered before, and this time we’ll revisit the issue of guilt. It’s something that can weigh us down, or that we can more or less place upon others. A healthy sense of guilt for our wrongs can be a good thing. But when it adversely affects our lives, then it’s time to shed it and move on. Please join us for what promises to be an insightful conversation.



Loved Ones Who Left the Faith

Monday is the start of our fifth anniversary week! Many of you answered our short survey over the last month or so, asking for the topics you would like us to cover this week. Leading off is a discussion of loved ones who left the faith. Sadly, that remains the number one prayer intention of faithful Catholics. Does that description fit someone in your life? If so, let’s revisit that important topic together on Monday.

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“God, I Need You Now!”

T2 Oct14 -911-prayer (1)

Friday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie is for all urgent prayer requests and intentions.  Let’s storm heaven together!  Call us at, 1-833-288-3986. Or text the letters EWTN to 55000, wait for a response, then put it in your first name and prayer intention.  This show is packed with prayer requests and moves quickly.  Therefore, it is best if you try and reach us early in the broadcast.  Start calling in as soon as you hear the opening music to the show if you want your request read on the air. Quote by Padre Pio: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry is useless, God is merciful and will hear your prayer.”



What Was Your Favorite Decade?

Anyone who’s at least a young adult is able to point to one decade of life or another, and give reasons why it was their favorite decade. What about for you? Was it when you were growing up? Going to high school or college? A period of great success in your career? When your children or grandchildren were born? Your retirement years? Our lives are constantly filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. As you ponder the life you’ve lived so far, what decade stands out as being especially impactful for you? Call and share your take on this topic on Thursday.