Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

2 thoughts on “Who do you still visit at the cemetery?

  1. Hi. I tried to call in. I visit my parents’ grave, aunts and uncles and grandparents’ grave at two different cemeteries in Campbell Ohio every year on my trips from Texas where I live now. I clean them and put new flowers. After finishing cleaning my grandparents gravestone, I stood there looking at it and a light green speck appeared and starting changing colors. I grabbed my phone to photograph. It changed from greenish to turquoise to deep blue and then bright pink. I feel it was a thank you from them. I still have the video and photos. It was very touching and amazing!


  2. I pray for deceased family and friends daily and occasionally pray at the Cemetery.

    I’d like to ask for pray for four of these close family members and tell you how they ended up with cripts next to each other….

    Our sweet mother, Rosalie, purchased her cript years ago in the Archdioese Cemetery; she encouraged her children to do the same, I took her wise advice.

    In 1966 my twin brother, Pat, suffered a mental breakdown in an Air Force boot camp; he spent 30 yrs. of his life locked up in VA Hospitals. (Please pray that God forgives me for not visiting him often.)

    Our parents divorced in 1975; our dad became Pat’s legal guardian. Dad bought 3 cripts next to mom’s in 1996 when Pat died. So Pat is buried next to mom’s cript..
    Guardian Angels were busy at Pat’s funeral – Mom reached out to Dad in a hug and then to his 2nd wife, Pam. God’s mercy, peace and love were everywhere.

    On Dad’s 80th birthday, he made amends to his children. The healing was beautiful.
    Shortly after, in 2001 Dad died and he was buried in the cript below Pat.
    Dad’s wives, Mom and Pam hugged each other and held hands at his Funeral Mass. (It was amazing to see God’s His love and forgiveness.)

    Mom died in 2015 and was buried in her cript, next to Pat.

    Years later Pam was buried below our mom and next to Dad’s cript.

    Having them all so close in the Maseleum is weird and convenient. Thank you God for Your great love and mercy.

    Please put my family: twin brother Maurice Patrick, mom Rosalie, dad Maurice Morgan and step-mom Pam in your prayer book. Thank you for this opportunity to remember and pray for our loved ones and others. God bless you all.


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