Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Have You Been a Foster Parent?


On Monday, plan to join Jerry and Debbie in a conversation about foster parenting. It’s a truly beautiful reality in many families. Perhaps you were raised by foster parents. Or maybe you have been a father or a mother to foster children. How are these situations ant different from raising biological children? How are they similar? Let’s have a lively discussion so we can all learn more about this important gift to many of God’s precious children.

T2- MAY 18 -2019- foster

4 thoughts on “Have You Been a Foster Parent?

  1. I am a grandmother of 6, 3 came from the foster system and were adopted by my daughter and her husband. These kids have enriched our lives. The 3 bio grandkids have learned that not all kids have everything they want or even some of the basic needs. There have been several foster kids that came into our lives and went back to parents or other relatives.
    My daughter will say the foster system is not good but it is the system currently in place. When my daughter asked me about fostering to adopt and how I felt. I told her that whatever way God sends us grandchildren is fine. Sometimes this is an issue for foster family’s.
    You never know what kindness will impact a child even if they are not a permanent placement. I saw my grandson give one of his favorite toys to a foster child leaving their home to return to his family. This experience impacts all the family in a good way. Lots of lessons learned.


    • Thanks, Lorin, for weighing in on this conversation. I wanted to get your comment on the air, but ran out of time. Thanks for listening!


  2. Beware of fostering and adopting. It is beautiful and a Christian thing to do as we are ProLife.
    However, the state does not disclose severe problems that kids. We would caution EVERYONE to not foster or adopt until the state changes the way they do things.
    I was a foster parent for 12 years and I also adopted a sibling set as a single parent. The problems that these kids can have – lay people can not fathom.
    When things explode with the children – the state is NO WHERE to be found. Many of these kids have severe abuse with deep seeded issues – you will not know about them until things explode!!!



  3. Thank you, Susan, for your important, informed perspective. We appreciate you listening to the show and posting this comment!


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