Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

My Guardian Angel Is Right Beside Me



Psalm 91 clearly describes how God gave each and every one of us a guardian angel to protect, guard and guide us. Scripture does not lie. God gave us this great gift of the angels, and our role is to acknowledge that gift and develop a relationship with our guardian angel. Let’s talk about what angels are and what they are not, and share your devotion and trust in your guardian angel on Friday.  

RESOURCES:  All About the Angels by Fr Paul O’Sullivan

5-11-18 angel

2 thoughts on “My Guardian Angel Is Right Beside Me

  1. My husband has a serious risk of falling. We were walking from the dinner table to the den – he uses a walker – when something happened to surprise us both. My husband lost his footing and started to move sideways. I grabbed his gait belt and he steadied himself and did not fall. I KNOW I did not do this by myself. I believe that his guardian angel and my guardian angel were holding on to either side of him to keep him upright. Every day I try to pray the “Angel of God” and the “Saint Michael the Archangel” prayers. God listens!!


    • Thanks for sharing this, Judy. What a beautiful story. You have a great sense of your relationship with your guardian angel!



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