Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie


January 18– It is never too late

Synopsis: Life until we leave this earth, is about learning growing changing evolving…It is never too late to learn a new sport, language, hobby…life is a journey.  Tell us your latest adventure.  Recently in the news there was a 100 year old that just received their college degree.

January 19 – Parental Alienation

Synopsis: The definition of parental alienation, the causes, the criteria, behavior tendencies.  Resources to help families in need. How Adoration plays a huge part in healing the family.

January 20 –  Unscripted with Jerry and Debbie

Synopsis: Ask anything, talk about anything…

January 23 – Keeping your teens Catholic

Synopsis:  The youth are the future of the church, see what programs and groups are doing to keep our teens Catholic.
Guest: Mark Hart

January 24 –  Yes, I Will!

Synopsis: Every day, we face things we don’t want to do. Some are of major consequence, while others might be as simple as getting out of bed the first time the alarm rings. God gave us the great gift of free will. There are times when we have to say to ourselves, “I don’t want to do this. It won’t be enjoyable. But it’s the right thing.” Share your experience of “willing” your way to something important.


January 25 – Rethinking Heaven and Hell

Synopsis: God makes every human being to know him, love him, serve him and be happy with him in eternity. Because of fears, insecurities, wounds, etc., many people observe the faith because they want to avoid going to hell. But, in reality, believing in Jesus, belonging to the Church and living an upright life should flow from the realization of who we are (made in God’s image) and because He desires that “all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.”

January 26 – We Almost Didn’t Make It!”

Synopsis: God asks us to be open to life, especially within a marriage and family. That doesn’t mean having as many children as you possibly can. But when God blesses you with a number of kids, priorities and decisions take on a new meaning. Given economic uncertainties, the loss of a job, or any number of other circumstances, a family can find itself hanging on by a thread when it comes to paying the rent or mortgage, feeding the kids, etc. Share your experience of finding yourself in a precarious position and almost not managing to get by. How did you manage? What did God do to rescue you?

January 27 – What Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You?

Synopsis: Self-explanatory

January 30 – Do You Have a Close-Knit Family?

Synopsis: This will be a conversation about immediate family (spouse, children, etc.), but even more so about extended family. It’s always interesting to see how siblings either stay close to each other, or grow apart, once they become adults. The same can be said of parents and adult children.

January 31  – What’s Your Favorite Book In the Bible

February 1 – Jerry & Debbie on location at St Bernard’s Prep School in Cullman, AL


February 2-  Who Have You “Presented” to God?

Synopsis: This is the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus by Mary in the Temple. Our Lady presented Jesus to the Father to fulfill His will in His life. We all know people we want to “present” to the Father for his will, His grace, His mercy, His love. In a spiritual sense, when we offer those we love to the Father, we are asking Him to lead those individuals to His heart.

February 3 –  How Good Are You at Communicating?

Synopsis: With our gadgets and instant ability to make contact with anyone in the world, it can be a bit unnerving for some people if they send an e-mail or a text, or leave a voicemail message, and do not hear from the other party within a short period of time. This can cause many people to think the worst: they’re mad at me; I said something I shouldn’t have said; they really don’t like me; etc. Yet, when we do finally hear back from that other person, our mind has usually played unkind tricks on us, and none of our fears are realized.

February 6 –  That Didn’t Go As Planned

Synopsis: We make all kinds of plans. Sometimes they work out well. Other times, it seems clear from the outset that things are not going to go as planned. What do we do when the latter happens? Do we just pick up the pieces and try again? Or do we take a step back and discern if it’s what God wanted us to do in the first place?

February 7 – Do You Believe Your Prayers Will Be Answered?

Synopsis: We can see with our eyes (or in our minds) the things we are asking for in prayer. We cannot see God in the same way. We know from Scripture and Church teaching that God watches over us and takes care of our every need. But not “seeing” Him, not being able to walk right up to Him and say, “Will you please do such and such for me (or for someone else),” can raise issues of faith and trust that He will, indeed, answer our prayers. How good are you at trusting – believing – that God hears and will answer your prayers.


February 8 – Where Else Would You Choose to Live?

Synopsis: There is a surprising number of expatriates in the world, people who live somewhere other than their native country. Many reasons account for this. Work takes you to another part of the world. You may retire and decide you want to live somewhere else. Perhaps you remain somewhere following military service. If you have “relocated” to another part of the world, tell us why. If you had a choice, and it couldn’t be your native or current country, where would you like to live?


February 9 – You’re Fired!

Synopsis: It’s never a comfortable thing to let an employee go. Sometimes you’re the owner of the business. Other times, you may be the supervisor who has been told to let someone go. Maybe you’ve been the one who was let go. Let’s talk about it.


February 10 –  Photographs and (Other) Memories

Synopsis: Technology has changed at light speed in recent years. Gone are the days when we store our memories on Polaroid pictures, reel-to-reel tapes, in photo albums and scrapbooks, on VHS tapes, etc. Do you still have a treasure trove of memories on those formats? If so, what do you plan to do with them? Do you intend to get them transferred to more current and usable formats?

February 13 –  Learning to Love Again

Synopsis: Everyone is different when it comes to love. For some people, when their spouse dies, they determine that they could never love another person again. Others truly desire that closeness and intimacy that only comes within marital love. If you have chosen to love – and marry – again, what kinds of dynamics have come into play? Do you have memories of your previous spouse? Is your new spouse threatened by those memories, or supportive of them? How are the children integrated into the new marital relationship?

February 14 –  How Much Time Do You Spend Selecting a Card or Gift For Someone?

Synopsis: It’s usually understood that women spend a lot more time contemplating what they are going to give to someone, whether it’s a card or a gift, than men do. But how much time is too much when it’s spent looking at virtually every card in the greeting card section in the store? Does the perfect card or gift even exist? Do recipients of cards and gifts think for a second that maybe the giver cut corners and just grabbed the first option that presented itself?

February 15 –  “But, I Didn’t Do It!”

Synopsis: At some point in life, we all will be accused of doing something we didn’t do. Whether it’s being blamed by a sibling for a wrongdoing when we’re kids, or something much more serious later in life, false accusations are sure to come our way. The questions is, how do we handle it? Do we fight back? Do we humbly surrender to God’s plan for our lives? This is a huge issue and one of great importance for discussion on our show.

February 16 –  Now I Lay Me Down to Worry

Synopsis: Ideally, when we lay our heads on our pillows it should be a time to close our eyes, fall into a deep sleep, and wake up refreshed in the morning. In reality, that doesn’t happen for many people. Some may fall right to sleep, only to stir themselves into a fury of worry when they wake up during the night. Others have a lot of trouble even falling asleep, so concerned are they about work, family, their kids, finances, etc. What is your experience of hitting the sack and getting a good night’s rest?

February 17 – Feeding Your Faith  

Synopsis: It’s one thing to gather with people you know and share beliefs with on Sunday. Maybe you even attend a prayer meeting or Bible study during the week. But our faith is meant to be lived 24/7. That means we should seek out opportunities to grow in our relationship with God whenever they present themselves. Are you part of a mom’s group? A men’s fellowship? Do you go to parish missions, retreats, conferences, etc.? Where is it that you “feed your faith” outside of weekend worship?

February 20 –  Are You the Parent of a Child Prodigy?

Synopsis: Is Your Son or Daughter an Overachiever?

February 21 –  Encouraging a Struggling Child

Synopsis: How Do You Help Your Child Do His or Her Best?

February 22 – Do You Appreciate Classical Music?

Synopsis: There are many different forms of music. All good forms require talent and synchronization among performers. But when listening to classical music, typically performed by orchestras or symphonies, it’s hard to imagine a collection of musical artists performing on the same page like they do.

February 23 – 
Mixed Race Marriages and Families

Synopsis:: Are You In a Mixed Race Marriage of Family?


February 24 – 
 Unscripted With Jerry and Debbie