Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

10 thoughts on “Audio Archive

  1. Toward the end of December 2015, Jerry and Debbie had Fr Jaques Phillipe’s book “Interior Freedom” as their topic. A gentleman caller shared his image of God’s Love as a waterfall.

    Please tell me where the podcast is?


  2. I would like to share your program you did on Growing our daily Bread with my brother but I do not know were to find it.


  3. What was the name of the female marriage counselor you had on Take 2 last winter? She was so insightful! My husband and I need to work with her. It was several months ago, but I hope you can help me.


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  5. I just listened to a replay of Tuesday’s show on Saturday. It’s sent us to a download that your producer was supposed to put online about confession. This site is hard site to navigate. Why are your archives starting a year-and-a-half ago? I don’t care about January 2016. Hope this feedback is helpful for the site. I’ve given up on trying to find the post said you would download..


  6. Hey guys how do we go back and listen to an archived radio show from last week. I wanted to share it with someone. 10-5-17
    Thanks -Austin


  7. Could you please tell me what show Jason shared his testimony on you said about a week ago.


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