Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Caring For Your Elderly Parents


Our parents do so much for us as we are growing up – and even beyond that. And it so often happens that we have the blessing and the opportunity to return the favor when they are elderly. This can bring tons of both joy and difficulty. Let’s have an inspiring conversation about that on Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Caring For Your Elderly Parents

  1. Love the show today. I am on disability so I have alot of medical problems. But last 7 years have been taking care of my inlaws and my parents. My mother inlaw broke her hip and sleep in our living room. And for 5 years help my brother inlaw with his end stage liver failure. Then my Dad started falling so helped Mom with him till he past away. Now my Mom has Dementia. I ask for prayers for me. My mother inlaw Bernice, Leslie, Donald & Joy.


  2. I never had the relationship I should have had with my parents. They live out of state in Florida. My father passed 2 1/2 yrs ago. No one had even told me he was sick with cancer. My mother now is in an assisted living facility. As much I would have loved to have had the opportunity to care for them and help them, I was never trusted to and always thought of as a child instead of the adult that I am.

    Now? I live with some guilt of not doing what I feel I could/should have done, the anger and having the opportunity taken away and the knowledge that there are some people that think of me as the mean/ungrateful daughter (not the case). When my father passed I mourned not the father I lost but the dad I never had and so it shall be when my mother passes…


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