Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

The Cost of Dying

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We often hear so much about “the cost of living.” Of course, that has to do with where we live, how we live, etc. But one thing is certain: We are all going to die. While some people plan ahead for that – making out their wills, buying their cemetery plots, and so forth – many others are caught off guard. Death can come at any time. It doesn’t have to be when we’re 85 years old and have been retired for twenty years. On Monday’s show, Jerry and Debbie will welcome your takes on “the cost of dying.” In other words:

  • Have you adequately planned ahead for your death?
  • Did you buy a cemetery plot in advance?
  • Have you chosen whether you’d like to be buried or cremated?
  • Has your funeral Mass been laid out?
  • Will your loved ones have to make final decisions on your behalf?

These questions, and many others, are very important in determining how smoothly things will go once we pass. The costs of a plot of land, a casket, a headstone, and more, can reach tens of thousands of dollars. Let’s talk about this and see if we can shed some light on the subject.

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