Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

Are You the “Jesus Freak” In Your Family?


The phrase “Jesus Freak” originated in the 1960’s, and generally referred to someone with radical countercultural leanings toward Jesus. It has often been used in a pejorative sense, and, in the early days of its use, frequently was used to describe the “hippies.” who experienced a conversion to Christ. Since then, it has become a more widely used – but still often negative – way of describing those who are deeply devout in their faith. Have you ever been called a “Jesus Freak” by family or friends? How did you take it? We’re they being serious or a bit playful? On Thursday, let’s talk about how being in the minority in your family and loving God and the Church can sometimes bring with it the accusation that you are going overboard.

5 thoughts on “Are You the “Jesus Freak” In Your Family?

  1. I’m not a Jesus freak.


  2. I’m not a Jesus freak in my family.take2@ewtn.com


  3. Yes. I am the only Catholic in the family who goes to Mass on a regular basis. I have been told I’m more Catholic than the Pope!


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