Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

What Really Frustrates You?


The recent week of broadcasts will be tough to top, so incredible were your takes all week. But we’ll kick off Monday with another great topic – what really frustrates you? It’s nearly impossible to avoid things that rub us the wrong way. The question is, how are we going to react? What will we do in response to those things (or people) that get under our skin? The ideal is to respond like Jesus would. In actuality, that doesn’t always happen. So, call early with your take on this important conversation.

2 thoughts on “What Really Frustrates You?

  1. Hi Debbie & Jerry !

    Just wanted to tell you Jerry, in reference to your comment earlier about talking in church before Mass: It got to be such a disturbance in my parish that my pastor has addressed the issue for many months now before Mass, from the pulpit AND has an on-going reminder in the bulletin…so you know your heart & you are not too sensitive or have an expectation that is wrong about prayerful preparation-time before Mass. I also find the “chit-chat” very frustrating & distracting & more people than we realize feel the same way, but we often rationalize in our minds that maybe we should just try to ignore them or focus more…we remember WHO we have come to adore, He’s somebody & His name is Jesus. You, Debbie, myself & so many other faith-filled people do understand that truth, so respect for the Blessed Sacrament & others who are trying to pray need to be respected too. The ones talking may very well have an understanding of His Presence before them and I pray that they will be moved to consider the gentle reminders from their pastors or fellow parishioners.

    God bless you both & keep you safe…you’re in my prayers !



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