Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Legalized Pot, Part 2


Tuesday’s show on legalized marijuana was so popular and impactful, we decided to do a part two on that topic this week. That will air on Friday. Here is what we posted for Tuesday’s show. If you didn’t get a chance to get on the air on Tuesday, be sure to call early on Friday.


It’s inevitable. Young people for decades have had easy access to marijuana. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now, as pot becomes “legal” in states across the country, has that made it even more readily accessible to those you know and love? So many advocates for legalized marijuana are rejoicing and proclaiming the “good news” that what was for so long illegal, is now legal for both medicinal and recreational use. Pot-growing facilities are popping up everywhere, with billboards, sign spinners and advertisements telling would-be customers where to find their products, which range from what you smoke, to what you eat, to what you rub into your body. Are you alarmed about this? Do you have children you’re concerned are going to find it all-too-easy to access marijuana, even though they are not yet old enough to legally obtain it? This seems like a foregone conclusion. But what do you have to say about it? Share your take on Tuesday’s show.


2 thoughts on “Legalized Pot, Part 2

  1. Hi Jerry and Debbie!
    I agree with caller Scott. I believe that the recreational marijuana is going to cause more problems! I am a nurse that works with newborns. If a mom wants to breastfeed and tests positive we are to discourage moms per hospital policy because it can be transferred to the breastmilk!! I have other thoughts as well because of our country’s opioid crises and what I’ve seen in my 36 year nursing career! However it’s too long to put in an email.


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