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Proper Attire For Mass


The Church has no official guidelines on how to dress when attending Holy Mass. However, many pastors and parishes post rules in the vestibule of the Church, reminding people of what may or may not be worn to services. This question has been discussed and debated much over the past few decades, as many Catholics have lost at least some sense of the sacredness of our liturgical celebrations. On Monday, Jerry and Debbie welcome your takes on this hot-button issue. We’re sure there will be a variety of takes on it. Please join us.

Article by Msgr. Charles Pope.

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15 thoughts on “Proper Attire For Mass

  1. I know the Lord will take everyone as they are BUT if one has the time and is able to dress with dignity and modesty for the Lord then by all means they must do so. It’s all about reverence.


  2. Just heard you Jerry 🙂 Thanks and have a Blessed Monday!!!


  3. I have 3 boys who without prompting choose to wear dress clothes including ties and dress shoes. with white socks popping out the bottom of their highwater pants. they began this practice out of my prompting however they continue the practice now because they seem to appreciate when others take notice. I have the practice of dressing well for Mass. the reason for this is that it takes time to dress well. In taking the time to prepare my attire I also can take that same time to prepare my heart, mind and demeanor.


  4. Hi Jerry & Debbie – I have been in a hot flash for 19 years – since I had our son, Max. I sweat profusely starting from the top of my head. I tie my hair up, often wear either a sleeveless dress or top. A sweater would make it worse. By the consecration my face is dripping with sweat. Its a lovely scene! I can’t even wear mascara. I pull my fan out and kerchief and mop my face and neck. Going back to the doctor at the end of the month. Love you guys, Ruthie, Marshallville, OH


    • Thanks, Ruthie. This gives the discussion an entirely different perspective. Thanks for sharing it, and we love you, too!


  5. I am appalled at how people dress for Mass. A couple of years ago, there was a “notice” in the bulletin about funding for the indoor pool falling through. Therefore, it was not necessary to come to Mass dressed for the pool. Good message, but unfortunately, it did not work. Sometimes it seems like the moms are competing with their own daughters. What a shame.


  6. The 1983 code of canon law never explicitly mentioned veiling .

    Of course we want to evangelize, but we want to bring people into a holy , sacred Church. People are searching for God.

    Debbie, I ask of you to veil for a Mass (or better yet a month) & see what happens…


    • Thanks, Marylin. You are correct, and we mentioned that the 1983 Code of Canon Law nullified the 1917 Code’s requirement that women wear veils at Mass. It said:

      Men, in a church or outside a church, while they are assisting at sacred rites, shall be bare-headed, unless the approved mores of the people or peculiar circumstances of things determine otherwise; women, however, shall have a covered head and be modestly dressed, especially when they approach the table of the Lord.”

      That was taken from this article – https://www.catholic.com/qa/how-women-came-to-be-bare-headed-in-church.

      God bless you.


    • Hi Marilyn,

      I appreciate your thoughts on this very important topic…and I certainly agree with you…I will definitely take it to prayer about the mantilla veil.




  7. I listen to the rebroadcast of your program in the evening (9:00 PM on the west coast). I listened to your comments about proper attire and I could only think, “What a pair of excuse makers.” Jerry doesn’t like wearing a tie and Debbie does like dresses. Our society has become so coarse. Dressing well is a sign of respect. When I wear a tuxedo to a formal ball with my wife anyone can see the esteem I have for her. When a soldier or Marine wears his dress uniform that speaks volumes. He stands a little taller and everyone regards him with respect. But our Lord, the creator of all, deserves less because someone likes jeans and doesn’t want to bother with a tie, or it’s too hot outside. I have worn a seersucker suit in Florida, Georgia, and Okinawa, to name a few hot and humid places. When my wife wears a dress to Mass, as she always does, and puts on her mantilla or a nice hat, that too speaks volumes. Every opportunity to elevate our coarsening culture and show more, always more, respect to our God, is worthwhile. A little discomfort is nothing.


    • Randolph,

      Thanks for your candid and to-the-point comments. Debbie and I always learn from what our listeners show, whether it be on the air or via other means. Your input gives us more to consider. God bless you for your love for the Lord and the Holy Mass.



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