Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Do You Feel Safe in Your Place of Worship?



We felt the need to address this topic in light of the recent tragedy that took place at the Baptist Church in Texas.  Also, remembering the Charleston, SC church shooting as well.  Houses of worship should be places where we can be at peace, feel safe and secure while we give praise to God.  Sadly, in this day and age, churches are not off-limits to terrorists, or extremists.  Now that churches are fair game, how should we respond.  Should we have armed guards at the entrances of our churches?  Should we enlist civilians to stand guard and protect the congregation?  Or are we going too far with this mindset?  Let’s talk about this unfortunate reality on Thursday’s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie.  Call in and share your take, 1-800-585-9396.


5 thoughts on “Do You Feel Safe in Your Place of Worship?

  1. Several years back a man ran up onto the altar area (remember these areas are sacred in a Catholic church) with dance-like movements began pulling off his shirt, then waving it around over his head in circles… watching this circus, I kept waiting for the priest or someone to press a button (believing there must be one hidden somewhere up there) to signal the police to come not knowing what this “crazy” man was going to do next. Eventually he simply fled, left the building and was captured outside in the parking lot by someone in attendance following him out.
    With this event in mind, and knowing several men who are ushers, who also feel a need to be able to protect the innocent in such events, there appears to be a need to have a very well publicized understanding that areas of worship have a direct line to police protection. Also that the people who are ushers or other servers in a building during large gatherings have access to protection education and may well have access to protect the public in such an event. A button on the “AMBO” (had to capitalize as auto-correct would not allow the word to be typed, a police contact button under the Moses chair, the altar are all necessary protocol for today’s public safety and attendance to worship services. The mobile telephones are great but most have these turned off or need time to upload to the proper calling service to protections taking seconds or minutes that may save lives. Several times someone has become ill and needed ambulance but long in coming due to no direct access to alert for services.
    Thank You for covering this overdue topic…


  2. If it’s my day to go, I can’t think of a better place to be than within the presence of Jesus and if it’s during Mass, then I’m surrounded by the entire Church. The Church Triumphant and the Holy souls.


  3. First line of defense, we should return to saying prayer to St Micheal after each mass


  4. Will this show be available in a podcast?


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