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Dangers to the Family

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Since the advent of television, so much has been presented as “family friendly.” It still sells today. But how much of what’s on TV is really family friendly? Sure, there may be some offerings that are not going to be offensive to the essential core values of the traditional family. But there are a lot of shows and series that are, quite frankly, dangerous for anyone to watch, let alone young people. One series that may grab the attention of families – since it’s a “family” that presents it – is The Lowe Files. Rob Lowe and his sons chase things like paranormal activities. Our guest Adam Blai will explain the dangers inherent in such a pursuit, we’ll talk about how to be discerning in what your family watches on TV and explore some other present-day dangers to the family. 

10_11_17- TV

One thought on “Dangers to the Family

  1. Loved listening to this show & Adam Blai is such a blessing to the Church. I wonder if Adam has heard of a Fr. Chad Ripperger, an exorcist from Oklahoma. My husband and I have been learning so much from his youtube videos. He has a wealth of experience and his teachings are very orthodox. There is always so much information to digest about the topic of spiritual warfare and sometimes, after listening to a show like this, when it’s over questions always arise. The videos are a wonderful venue (in my humble opinion) to learn and have most questions answered. Fr. Ripperger has been a huge blessing in our lives.


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