Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

Are You a Digital “Pack Rat?”

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In years gone by people might have saved their important files and documents – typically in paper form – for a few years, after which they would shred them or get rid of them in some similar fashion. Today, with so much storage space available on computers, external hard drives and “in the cloud,” we not only don’t think of downsizing our electronic collection of photos, documents and other files, but it has created a new mindset along the lines of, “I’m sure I’ll need this someday. And it’s so easy to store on my computer or in the cloud.” It’s time for a little honesty: do you “keep” everything you ever handle electronically? Do you think that one day this or that file or photo will come in handy? Do you have a ton of files that you haven’t handled in, say, years? Share your experience with Jerry and Debbie on Tuesday.

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