Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

The Power of Pornography


Are you or is someone you know caught in the grip of pornography? According to one study, over $3,000 is being spent on it every second. And that doesn’t include the mind-boggling amount of free pornography that’s available online and elsewhere. As pornography’s purveyors laugh all the way to the bank, its victims are left strewn everywhere. Marriages and families have been destroyed. Careers have been trashed. Worst of all, only God knows how many souls have been lost because of the seemingly limitless reach and power of this scourge. On Friday, Jerry and Debbie will welcome Dr. Monica Breaux to the program – as well as your takes – to discuss what can be done to avoid or break free from pornography’s clutches. Don’t miss it!

Monica Meme

You can reach our guest Dr. Monica Breaux at http://www.drmonicabreaux.com. Her phone number is 602-350-5557. You can set your own appointment with her at drbreauxappt@gmail.com. She can assist you by phone, Skype or in person (Phoenix-area only) on critical matters such as pornography, sexual addiction, marital issues, etc. Dr. Breaux is strongly endorsed in her work by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix (pictured with her here).

Monica and Olmsted





2 thoughts on “The Power of Pornography

  1. I was distracted with several things while listening to this show so didn’t get to hear as much as I’d of liked. The Station of the Cross replays the show at mid-night so if I can stay awake I’ll listen then! My own thoughts right now are to avoid anything that leads you or me away from sexual morality. Live a chaste (pure in thought and act) life married or not. If you’ve already started a habit of impure thought and act do not despair! By the grace of God you can heal and find your way out of the habit and take accountability actions to change these habits. One I’ve heard of is “covenant eyes” God bless you brothers and sisters


  2. Well, this show was not replayed locally at midnight but one more thought anyways that came about this morning while listening to Father Larry Richards on the radio. He was talking about sainthood. All of a sudden the realization came over me we have to remember to ask ourselves: Is this the will of God for me? Then, after asking myself that, I realized how attached we become to things. So, maybe if someone who may read this post is struggling with an attachment to pornography or any attachment moving away from the will of God ends up reading this, remember to simply ask yourself: Is this the will of God right now for me?
    Hope this may help somehow. God Bless


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