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with Jerry & Debbie

The drugging of America…


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Medications can be a Godsend… But they can also be misused, overused, and sometimes to the point of extreme danger.  Plus, prescriptions have side effects, which may be far worse than the initial illness to begin with…

Pills may treat the symptom, while the root problem (cause) still exists.  Are there alternatives to running to medication?  Did God provide for us natural ways to heal our issues without the use of synthetic drugs?

Share your experience, your “take” on this very important subject…Call in early at 1-800-585-9396.

3 thoughts on “The drugging of America…

  1. Recently I had to get off a medicine prescribed for a neurological condition, but it raised my blood pressure to a dangerous level. After I stopped taking it, my pressure has normalized. We need to be monitoring what we are taking, reading diligently side effects and become a partner with doctors in our medical care.


  2. First, I adhere to the Cathechism and drug use council. Also, there is an issue that we are many parts of one Mystical Body. Thus, what happens when some refuse to bring their children in for blood samples that may very well be instrumental in helping save that kids life at the hands of a caring doctor which could very well be God’s own hands? Within this are very balanced wholesome answers.


  3. Also, it might bear fruit to discuss the moving of marijuana into a recreation drug category. I have struggled with marijuana use for many years. My mother’s prayers and keeping a journal plus getting back into the one true holy visible Church also helped temendously incorporated with personally going through a PROS program. This issue ties in with the Drugging of America and I am willing to share more insights. I am currently 63 years old and have come to deep rotted reasons why I won’t even play music or get involved with others who are vocal about their use of marijuana.


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