Take 2

with Jerry & Debbie

How Do You Overcome Your Pet Peeves?


Let’s face it. We all have them. Those things that just annoy us to no end. They’re typically referred to as “pet peeves.” And there’s no doubt they can be a challenge when they confront us. But here are some questions for Thursday’s show: How do you manage your pet peeves? How do you use them as occasions to grow in patience? Is there one in particular that you’ve achieved victory over? The topic may seem mundane. But it has a lot to do with faith and spirituality. This is where the virtues come into play in our lives. So, get ready, and call with your takes on your “pet peeves,” Thursday at Noon ET (with an encore airing of the show at Midnight ET)!

3 thoughts on “How Do You Overcome Your Pet Peeves?

  1. Hello Debbie and Jerry , your discussion on pet peeves , I don’t understand! We believe in the Transfiguration that it becomes the body of Christ and also heals us then why do so many people worry about the gluten ? Makes me sad when I hear these comments . Thank you for your great show !


  2. Hi, I listened to a rebroadcast of your show on pet peeves on the way home from work tonight and frankly was a little upset by the remarks of a listener from North Dakota and from Debbie herself. Then I got home and read the comments from Carolina about the Transfiguration and how it heals us so why worry about gluten. To me comments like that sound a little pentecostal. We can believe that is becomes the body of Christ, but, it is still bread. Bread that is made with wheat flour which has gluten in it. One of my pet peeves, since finding out my wife is allergic to wheat(gluten) is people who don’t think this is a serious issue. To some people with celiac disease, this can be a life-threatening issue where even the dust from the host could cause a reaction. Fortunately, my wife’s case is not that serious, but, the amount of wheat in the host at mass would cause her severe headaches and digestive upsets that last for two to three days after eating any food with gluten in it. To say that you or the church shouldn’t be inconvenienced by those of us who have family members with allergies is not very welcoming. How inconvenient do you think it is for us to have to read labels on every food item we purchase to make sure it does not have wheat in it. And, by the way, we found out my wife does have a life-threatening allergy to tree nuts. So, to say that people should not make such an issue out of these things sounds like you don’t believe it’s really as bad as they say. My mother and father-in-law don’t believe it either. They would rather believe it is all in my wife’s head and she should get over it. But, they and Debbie and the other listeners who don’t seem to think these issues are real should pay our hospital bills and see how real it is. Also, my wife comes from an alcoholic family and is on several medications, so, cannot take the wine either. How inconvenient would it be to have the church receive a gluten free host from some bakery and keep it in a separate chalise for those who cannot have wheat. Granted there are those who are not allergic ( like myself) who are trying to cut down on wheat intake that could take the host that really shouldn’t make an issue out of it. But, for me, I don’t feel welcome at mass anymore because there is no attempt to make accomodations for those who might suffer from severe allergic reactions, whether it be wheat in the host, strong perfumes worn by some people, or the lilies at Easter. Sorry for the rant, but, it upsets me when people take this issue of allergies as something that is insignificant. It is not. Trust me, when you try to take wheat out of your diet, watch your food bill go way up, and, your time spent shopping increases as well. I think the church needs to do a lot more research into matters like this. Sincerely, South Dakota


    • Howard,
      I pray you listen to the broadcast again, because I know I stated that those with medical issues, it is a serious concern and needs to be tended to at Mass…For those with a life style choice like you and me, we don’t need special accommodations. So I believe we are more in agreement. I suffered from debilitating migraines for years so I understand what it does to daily life and the medical bills that are incurred. I will pray for your wife and also that you do feel welcome at Mass. Please educate your parish on the seriousness of your wife’s issue, this way you can feel at home again in Mass. It breaks my heart to hear that you don’t feel welcome at church over this…Please know my intent was never to discredit or belittle a medical issue…I am a cancer survivor(thriver) so I have deep respect/sympathy for my brothers and sisters fighting illnesses.
      Blessings to you and your wife…


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